Structural Analysis, Site Mappings, Inspection, Fabrication, Project Management, Failure Analysis...

 Professional engineers with over 20 years of experience in analyzing communication structures including guyed towers, self-supporting towers, monopoles, roof mounts, wind turbine structures, and related items. Including foundation design and evaluation.

Analysis and design services include the following; 
Evaluation and design of existing and new communication structures.
Evaluation and design of existing and new wind turbine structures.
Structural upgrades for projects requiring reinforcement.
Analysis, design, detailing, and fabrication of modification materials.
Project management, including new tower design, foundation design, new tower specifications, tower quotes, scope-of-work, and inspection upon project completion.

All analyses and designs completed by professional engineers "in-house". Engineering analysis, design, and detailing are not subed out to others.

Industry standard software used for analysis and design. All 50 states available for PE certification.

International experience. Quotes available upon request.

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